What Are Some Fun Facts About the Louisiana Purchase?

One fun and interesting fact about the Louisiana Purchase is that the land in question sold for less than 3 cents per acre; another fun fact is that the U.S. didn't have sufficient funds to pay for it, so it had to borrow the money from two European banks. Since the money was loaned at a rate of 6 percent, and it took the U.S. 20 years to repay it, the total cost for the Louisiana Purchase was more than $23 million; the terms of the sale gave the French $11.25 million in cash and forgave $3.75 million in debt.

Another fun fact about the Louisiana Purchase is that futurepresident and former governor of Virginia James Monroe, who was appointed as a special envoy to negotiate the sale with the French, had to sell off his porcelain plates, silver flatware and china tea set to afford the passage to France for the negotiations.

Not everyone was happy with the deal. On the French side, Napoleon's brothers were unhappy and tried to talk him out of the sale. When they went to talk to him, Napoleon famously fell backwards into a bathtub, purposely soaking his brothers. Many Americans also opposed the purchase of the land, including congressman Fisher Ames who said, "We are to give money of which we have too little for land of which we already have too much."