What Are Some Fun Facts About Henry Hudson?

Henry Hudson was a famous English explorer during the Age of Discovery and sailed predominantly in the first decade of the 17th century. He discovered and explored the Hudson River in New York, Hudson Bay in Canada and the ice locked Arctic Ocean in northern Canada.

Hudson's ultimate goal as an explorer, finding a route to Asia through the mythical Northeast Passage, never came to fruition. However, his failures led to discoveries of major waterways in North America. His first voyage in 1607 ended near Greenland; however, his second attempt in 1608 saw him get all the way to Novaya Zemlya, which lies just north of Russia, before the ice forced his expedition to turn around.

His third attempt, this time on behalf of the Dutch, once again ended prematurely. However, instead of going back home, Hudson looked for a passage through North America to the Pacific Ocean. During this 1609 expedition, he discovered the Hudson River and sailed as far south as the Chesapeake Bay.

His fourth and final attempt in 1610 ended with his death. Hudson sailed south of Greenland and entered what was to become known as Hudson Bay in Canada. He came once again to a dead end, and his ship became trapped in the ice. In 1611, the ice thawed enough for the ship to escape the bay; however, his crew mutinied and set him, some crew members and his son adrift on a small boat, where he and the rest died from exposure.