When Was the First Skipping Rope Invented?

It is unclear when the first skipping rope was invented, but there is evidence of activity of playing with a jump rope originated in China and also in Egypt in 1600 AD. Many painters during medieval Europe depict children jumping ropes on cobbled streets.

Jumping on a rope became popular with time, and gained immense popularity in the 1940s and 50s. Children incorporated it as a playtime activity. The activity only required a rope, was fun and easy to play. Jump rope had out of favor for sometime till its re-emergence in the 1970s when fitness became a priority for many people.

Skipping is used in a variety of exercises and fitness activities, especially as a form of warm-up. Kickboxing, pilates, yoga, bosu ball and bootcamp use jump ropes. It is also used as a form of physical therapy to strengthen ankles and knees.