What Was the First Settlement in Georgia?

The city of Savannah was the first settlement in what would become the state of Georgia. It was settled on February 12th, 1733, by James Oglethorpe and a group of settlers that came from England aboard the ship Anne. The first group of settlers landed in the Carolinas and consisted of 114 people .

This group of settlers met with the chief of the Yamacraw Indians, who was known as Tomochichi. They established relations and the chief agreed to let Oglethorpe and his people use an area of land that they were not using located along the Savannah River. The original settlers were against having people of the Jewish religion in their settlement, but when a ship carrying 42 of them landed at their settlement, Oglethorpe allowed them to stay.

There was a doctor among the Jewish settlers, which would make life better for those living in Savannah because they would need medical attention and the ability to care for their own people locally without having to send for a doctor. The next year, another group of settlers came to Georgia from Germany, setting up the next of what would be many new settlements in the area over the years.