What Was the First Fruit Eaten on the Moon?

Steve Bronstein/Photographer’s Choice/Getty Images

The first fruit eaten on the moon was a peach. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin ate the first meal on the moon during the Apollo 11 flight after they landed at the Sea of Tranquility.

The meal also included bacon squares, sugar cookie cubes, coffee and pineapple-grapefruit drinks. The second meal packed in the lunar module consisted of beef stew, cream-of-chicken soup, date fruitcake, grape punch and orange drink. The extra food in the lunar module included extra beverages, dried fruit, candy bars, bread, salad spread and turkey with gravy. The Apollo 11 mission was the first to have spoon-bowl packets, which allowed the astronauts to rehydrate and warm their food in a pouch that they could then eat out of with a spoon.