When Was the First Bra Invented?


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The first bra was invented in 1889. A tremendous amount of misinformation exists about who created the brassiere. Most reputable historians and experts point to Herminie Cadolle, a 19th century feminist.

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When Was the First Bra Invented?
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One of the most persistent, and wholly incorrect, stories about the creation of the bra gives credit to Otto Titzling. The tale of Titzling gained significant traction in the 1970s when a satirical piece was written referencing this fictional character as the true inventor of the brassier. Many people took the tale to be truthful. In a 1986 album, and in the critically acclaimed movie "Beaches," Bette Midler sings of Otto Titzling and his brassiere, which furthers the misinformation about the inventor of the bra and the timing of its creation.

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