When Was the First BMX Bike Invented?

Bicycle Motor Cross or BMX-style bikes evolved from do-it-yourself modifications of existing bike frames; however, the first commercially-sold bike to be widely used for such modifications was the 1963 Schwinn Sting-Ray. The Sting-Ray itself had been inspired by the motorcycle-style modifications being applied to standard bikes in southern California.

Most of these modified bikes had been retrofitted with banana seats, high handlebars, and knobby 20-inch tires designed to grip off-road terrain. The Sting-Ray came with these features straight out of the store. Hobbyists modified their Sting-Rays further to improve their performance in regards to stability and agility, as bicycle tricks and jumps were becoming very popular. The first BMX frame bike to have a full suspension for absorbing shocks was the 1973 Yamaha Moto-Bike. That same year, numerous bikes with suspensions called monoshocks were released. These were inspired by the Sting-Ray modification community and designed especially for BMX-style tricks and jumps.