What Are the Facts and Fiction in Regards to Who Helped the Mayans Build Their Temples?


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The ancient Mayan civilization built many structures including magnificent temples that were usually structurally plannedby architects and built by workers or slaves; however, fictional accounts might list that aliens built the temples. Fictionalized accounts might name other civilizations as building the Mayan temples, such as the Spanish who conquered the Mayans; however, these accounts are not well known.

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The temples were usually considered the center of the city.One of the most famous city centers was the temple at Palenque, which was a tribute to one of the Mayan's kings. Another famous city center temple is the temple in Tikal, Guatemala because it is the tallest of all of the Mayan temples.

When building the temples, the Mayan architects were most interested in the way that the temple's exterior looked and they were fond of the corbel vault principle because of its ability to create impressive arches. They typically used limestone for the exterior as well as plastered the walls. It was also important to the Mayan people to demonstrate their enormous reverence to the gods with murals and paintings of the gods. These usually adorned the inner walls of the temples.

The Mayan civilization existed in the Mesoamerica region (El Salvador, part of Mexico, Honduras, Belize and Guatemala today)until it was conquered by the Spanish. The civilization is well known for making significant advancements in building, mathematics, writing, astronomy and in creating as well as readingcalendars. Their ability to build these great temples is particularly astounding because the Mayans did not know how to use metal tools or wheels.

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