What Are Some Features of Seminole Indian Culture?


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Features of Seminole Indian culture include art, storytelling, architecture, food and dance. The Green Corn Dance is the most important ceremony in Seminole culture, and a popular Seminole legend is a story entitled, "Men Visit the Sky."

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What Are Some Features of Seminole Indian Culture?
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The Seminoles are known for their beautiful beadwork, woodcarvings and baskets made from sweet grass. Dolls are made using palmetto fiber husks, stuffed with cotton, and wrapped in cloth.

The Green Corn Dance is a ceremony that thanks the creator for providing the tribe with food. The gathering consists of many hours of stomp dancing.

Legends and storytelling have been and continue to be important in Seminole culture. The popular "Men Visit the Sky" legend is about five men who wanted to visit the sky in order to visit the Great Spirit.

Seminole houses were originally built on the ground. As the tribe migrated toward the Everglades, the houses were built upon stilts. The stilts placed the houses about 3 feet above the ground, providing protection from swamp animals and floods.

Food sources for the Seminoles included crops, hunting and fishing. Crops included corn, squash and beans. Hunting included rabbits, deer and wild turkeys.

The native language of the Seminoles is Miccosukee or Creek. The name Seminole originates from the Spanish word cimarron, which roughly translates to "wild one" or "runaway."

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