Who Are Some Famous U.S. Presidents?


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Some of the most famous U.S. Presidents include Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Teddy Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman and Thomas Jefferson are also among the most popular U.S. Presidents, according to a poll conducted in 2014.

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Presidents who led the country during times of war and strife are usually the most famous. In most polls, Abraham Lincoln takes one of the top spots due to his efforts during the Civil War and his responsibility for the emancipation of slaves. George Washington is considered a hero of the American Revolution, and his status as the first U.S. President makes him a popular choice. Thomas Jefferson's revolutionary background also makes him a famous U.S. President, since he was vital in drafting the Declaration of Independence.

Theodore Roosevelt's "bully pulpit" and trust-busting at the turn of the 20th century earned him a reputation as a U.S. President in touch with common citizens. His legacy as a conservationist also enhances his popularity. Later in the 20th century, Franklin Delano Roosevelt led the country during both the Great Depression and World War II, and his involvement in the New Deal and response to the attack on Pearl Harbor are two famous events from his presidency.

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