Who Are Some Famous Math Prodigies?

Some famous math prodigies include Promethea Pythaitha, Kelvin Doe, Tristan Pang and Kautilya Pandit. There are several prodigies well-known for being able to mentally calculate numbers as a child, including Zerah Colburn, Ettora Mejorana, John von Neumann and Piryanshi Somani.

Promethea Pythaitha was born on March 13, 1991. She was enrolled at Stanford University's education program for gifted youth at the age of 5. At the age of 7, she started studying calculus. By the age of 13, she had completed all the work required to obtain a Bachelor's degree in mathematics at Montana State University. She graduated from the university at the age of 14.

Tristan Pang began doing high school level math at the age of 2, and covered all high school math by the age of 5. At the age of 9, he completed an O level year 11 Cambridge International Examinations math course, receiving an A, the highest grade possible. At 11 years of age, he completed a Cambridge A level course, also with a top A grading. Tristan created Tristan's Learning Hub, a free online platform that helps students with their math studies. His videos explore math concepts without labeling them to a year or learning level.