Who Are Some Famous Leaders From Around the World?


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Perhaps the best-known world leader is the current United States President, Barack Obama. Along with him, many other heads of state, such as Vladimir Putin and Queen Elizabeth II, are also considered famous leaders in the world today, as of July 2015.

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Who Are Some Famous Leaders From Around the World?
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As of July 2015, other famous political world leaders are people such as Sam Kahamba Kutesa, the current United Nations president; Xi Jinping, the Secretary General of China; and Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel. The heads of religion rather than state are also considered world leaders. In this category, Pope Francis and the Dalai Lama are considered the most famous living spiritual leaders in the world in 2015.

There are also famous individuals who are not in positions of power but nevertheless provide inspiration and leadership to the world. Current famous ideological leaders in 2015 include Malala Yousafza, Bill Gates and Al Gore, all of whom have provided advice and ideas about many of the largest issues facing the world today.

There have also been many famous leaders from around the world throughout history. Amongst these leaders, Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln would be considered some of the most famous world leaders.

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