Who Are Some Famous Laissez-Faire Leaders?

Some famous laissez-faire presidents include Herbert Hoover, Martin Van Buren and Ronald Reagan. Modern day laissez-faire business leaders would include Steve Jobs and Warren Buffet.

Steve Jobs is famous for his off-kilter leadership style. He would inform his employees of his vision, tell them what should be done, and let them get to work without him hovering over their shoulders. If he was unhappy with the end product, Jobs was also famous for firing those who disappointed him.

Warren Buffet’s laissez-faire style gives his employees complete freedom to manage projects and think of creative solutions when problems arise. He only intervenes in dire situations. Buffet equates his success and management style to surrounding himself with highly capable, creative thinking individuals who, as Buffet claims, are smarter than he is.

Queen Victoria, who reigned England during the Victorian period, ruled without an iron fist. During the Age of Individualism, England became one of the strongest and richest nations in the world. Businesses stayed out of government affairs, and governments were not involved with businesses.

Herbert Hoover’s hands-off approach stemmed from the fact that he had no political experience before being elected president of the United States. Prior to becoming president, he used his engineering skills to bring humanitarian relief around the world, and he served as Secretary of Commerce under two different presidents.