Who Are Some Famous Dead Women?

Some famous deceased women are Rosa Parks, Queen Hatshepsut and Sacagawea. These three women served important roles in history, including working for the Civil Rights Movement, being one of a few female pharaohs of Ancient Egypt and aiding in the European discovery of North America, respectively.

Rosa Parks was chosen as one of the leaders of the black Civil Rights Movement of the mid-1900s. She is most well known for refusing to move to the black section in the back of a public bus in order to allow a white person to have her seat. Her actions spawned the famous bus boycott in the beginning of the Movement, and she was a large part of the NAACP throughout the Movement.

Hatshepsut ruled Egypt beginning in 1473 B.C. Although she began ruling as regent, she soon took over as the sole ruler of the nation, and she built many monuments and buildings that served as examples of her reign. She was buried in the Valley of the Kings, along with many other rules from the era.

Sacagawea is best known for aiding the Lewis and Clark expedition to map and explore the western land that would eventually become the continental United States. She carried a baby with her while using her knowledge of the land to lead the expedition from the eastern regions to the Pacific ocean, then back again.