What Are Some Famous Air Force Bases?


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Famous Air Force Bases include Andrews, Edwards and Minot Air Force bases. Minot Air Force base in North Dakota once housed a majority of the nation’s nuclear arsenal during the Cold War. Over 150 active Minuteman ICBMs remain buried on the prairie surrounding this base.

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Edwards Air Force base in California is the nation's premier aviation training and testing facility. The world’s first jets, stealth bombers and unmanned aircraft were all launched from this site. Captain Charles “Chuck” Yeager became the first person to break the sound barrier at this location in 1947. It is also the site of the first space shuttle landing in 1981.

Andrews Air Force base in Maryland is 8 miles from the nation’s capital. It is where heads of state and other foreign dignitaries arrive for official state visits. It is also the official home of Air Force One.

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