What Are Some Facts About the Family of Davy Crockett?

Davy's Crockett's father, John, born in 1754 in Maryland, was of Huguenot roots, emigrating from France to America, England and Ireland. Crocketagne was the original family name. John Crockett and his brother Robert fought in the Revolutionary War. During the war, Indians attacked their parents' home, killing them and most of his siblings, while taking two brothers captive and scalping a sister, who survived the attack. Davy's father married Rebecca Hawkins in Maryland and then moved to East Tennessee.

Born in 1786, Davy was their fifth child. John Crockett worked in various positions while raising his family, including presiding magistrate, commissioner for road construction and Frontier Ranger. After moving from Davy's birthplace, Limestone Creek in Greene County, Tennessee, to Greenville in the same county, John then moved the family to Cove Creek, where he started a milling business. When a flood destroyed the mill and family home in 1794, the family moved again, opening a log-cabin tavern between Abingdon, Virginia, and Knoxville, Tennessee. Davy was 8 years old at the time.

Davy Crockett married Mary Polly Finley in 1806, and they had three children, including sons John Wesley and William Finley and daughter Margaret. Polly died following Margaret's birth in 1815. Crockett married Elizabeth Patton, a widow with two children, in 1816, and the couple had three more children.