What Does F.B. Rogers Silver Co. 1883 Refer To?

F.B. Rogers Silver Co. 1883 was one of the marks used by a Massachusetts silversmithing company founded in 1883. There are no verifiable records to determine the names of the company's original owners, but it was bought by Edward W. Porter and L.B. West in 1886. The company was originally established in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, and production operations were later moved to Taunton, Massachusetts after the acquisition.

The new owners renamed the company West Silver Company and supplied silverware to William Rogers Manufacturing Company of Hartford, Massachusetts. West Silver Company continued silverware production until it was sold to H.E. Nearing, William Davison and Carleton A. Woodward in 1904.

The company's name was changed back to F.B. Rogers and moved to another production site before finally settling down at West Water Street in Taunton, Massachusetts. F.B. Rogers Silver Co. was once again sold in 1955 and became a division of the National Silver Company.

The massive old 80,000-square-foot West Water Street manufacturing complex, once used by the Weir Stove Company to produce Glenwood Ranges, was finally demolished in July 2009. This was two years after a New Jersey demolition company took down the complex's center portion, according to the Taunton Daily Gazette.