What Are Some Examples of Student Inventions?


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The Healthy Pillow, the Bag Tracker and the Wrist-Mist are some examples of student inventions, according to the National Museum of Education. Each of these inventions are winners of the museum's annual Student Ideas for a Better America competition.

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The Healthy Pillow's inventor is Avery Went from Dublin, Ohio. Avery's invention is a pillow case with a pocket sewn in the front that holds moisturizing menthol-scented tissues. With this product, congested users get a better night's sleep and avoid having to reapply ointment or grab tissues throughout the night.

The Bag Tracker is Kristin Bobo's invention. Her invention is a piece of luggage embedded with an RFID tag. This tag allows travelers to track their belongings through the corresponding Bag Tracker app. Since the technology is built into the luggage, the tracker is in no danger of being lost.

The Wrist-Mist is the invention of McKenzie Blanc, Maci Grizzell, Chauncey Livingston and Elija Reeves of Rineyville, Kentucky. Their invention is a waterproof wristband that holds an insulin filled-capsule. This capsule emits a spray of insulin which the user absorbs through the skin. The purpose of this wristband is to eliminate or reduce the use of insulin injections. It also includes a built-in timer that reminds users to replace the capsule.

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