What Are Some Examples of Native People?


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Examples of native people include the Inuit of the Canadian Arctic, the Hawaiians of Hawaii and the Aboriginal people of Australia. Native people have their own language and cultural traditions, have or had ancestral lands and self-identify as indigenous people.

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What Are Some Examples of Native People?
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The Inuit of Canada are one branch of native people living throughout the Arctic. Their main language is Inuit-Aleut, but several dialects exist. The Inuit are hunters, depending primarily on sea and land animals for food. Inuits traditionally hunted with a spear or bow and arrow, depending on the target. The Inuit lived in sod and log houses in their villages and constructed igloos for emergency shelters when out on the ice.

Native Hawaiians are descendants of the Polynesians who settled the Hawaiian Islands long before Captain Cook arrived. The Kingdom of Hawaii was a monarchy with kings, queens, kahunas, or priests, and commoners, called maka'ainana. Temples were erected to honor various gods and goddesses, such as Maui and Pele. A kapu system, which was a strict set of rules, kept everyone in line politically and religiously.

The Aboriginal people were the original inhabitants of Australia, including around 500 tribes. They were hunter-gatherers, both in inland and coastal areas. Even though many Aboriginal people live in towns now, it's common to participate in the traditional walkabout and spend time learning the ancestral ways.

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