What Are Some Examples of Food Eaten by the Chippewa?


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The Chippewa, or Ojibwe, resided primarily in the forest and near rivers, and their diet was based on hunting and gathering. In the summer, they gathered wild foods and grew corn, squash and beans in small gardens. In the winter, the tribe would move to the deeper woods and hunt deer, moose and bear. They would also eat fish. Springtime constituted movement to the sugar camps where the tribe gathered maple sap to process into sugar.

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The Ojibwe dried and saved the meat that they collected in the winter. Deer was the most common source of meat. In the late summer and early fall, the Ojibwe gathered and processed wild rice, which they stored and eventually ate during winter and spring. The Chippewa gathered many types of wild foods including berries, nuts and wild greens.

Besides hunting, the Ojibwe were especially reliant on the harvesting of wild rice. Gathering wild rice was a tradition that was passed on from generation to generation, and its preparation created a sense of tribal togetherness. The Ojibwe cooked the rice on its own or with soup, and they also made it into flour for bread.

A more modern Ojibwe food is fry bread, which is a bread mixture shaped into balls and then pan-fried.

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