What Is an Example of a Colonial Legacy?

The European languages spoken in the Americas, Africa, South Asia, Australia and New Zealand are an example of a colonial legacy. Widespread use of English, French, Spanish and Portuguese outside Europe is a consequence of colonialism.

In the Americas, English is the predominant language in the United States, most Canadian provinces, and several Caribbean countries. The main language in Latin America is Spanish or, in Brazil, Portuguese. French serves as the official language of the Canadian province of Quebec.

In many African countries, the language of the former colonial power remains widely used. English is an important language in former British colonies, such as Ghana and Kenya. Former French colonies, including Senegal and Gabon, continue to use French. Angola, Mozambique. Guinea Bissau, a former Portugal colony, still speaks Portuguese. In India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, all formerly members of the British Empire, English remains a major language.