What Are Some of Eleanor Roosevelt's Achievements?

Among Eleanor Roosevelt's notable achievements are her championing of the Reform movement, the Settlement House movement and her tenure as an investigator for the Consumer League of America. Roosevelt fought to put power in the hands of everyday people and to check the advancing power of corporations and corporate interests.

The Reform movement predated Eleanor Roosevelt's husband's championing of the New Deal, a political platform Eleanor helped to construct. She lobbied hard with fellow members of high society, ignoring the life of leisure and limp-wristed charity she might easily have led in order to secure funding and support to effect change.

The Settlement Housing movement was a concerted effort to provide homes for those who could not afford their own or who for other reasons had no access to shelter. This movement sought to repurpose abandoned and vacant buildings for use by former convicts, the homeless and other groups badly in need of support and a fresh start.

Roosevelt also led a distinguished career as an investigator for the Consumer League of America. In this capacity she investigated complaints against companies and helped to make sure that they did not engage in false advertising, mistreatment of their employees or other manners of defrauding the trust of the American public.