What Are Eight Reasons for Imperialism?

Some nations adapt imperialistic ideals because of political, religious, economical, exploratory, medical, scientific, aggressive or ethnocentric reasons. Imperialism occurs when a nation tries to extend their power over other regions.

Some nations seeking economic gain will exploit other nations for natural resources, markets and land. In exploratory missions, imperialist nations will discover new lands and claim them through colonization. Sometimes, they seek new medical or scientific knowledge on these new lands. Ethnocentrism, or the belief that one's own cultural values are superior to other values, drives imperialism as nations try to spread their own cultures. National pride and politics also drive Imperialism when nations strive to expand their navies and armies. Religious movements encourage nations to try to convert others under their belief system. War and aggression can also cause Imperialism, as nations feel threatened and may take a preemptive strike against other nations.