What Are Some Facts About Egyptian Mummification?


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During the mummification process, four organs were removed from the body, and the process took 70 days from start to finish. It was the job of three people to prepare a body for mummification, the cutter, the embalmer and the scribe.

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Before the mummification process began, the dead body was washed and purified. The liver, lungs, stomach and intestines were removed and when that was complete, the body was filled back in with sawdust or linen to look as normal as possible. The embalmer would allow the body to dry out for 40 to 50 days, replace the sawdust or linen with new stuffing and then wrap each section of the body in linen. Once the body was completely covered in its shroud, the mummy was placed in a sarcophagus, which was a stone or wooden container that would come to be its final resting place.

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