What Was an Effect of the Plague?


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The Black Plague was a disease that greatly reduced the population of the world. This disease had lasting effects on the government, the economy and all social classes.

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One major effect the plague had on the world was the breakdown in government. This disease spread quickly and infected people of all social classes. Government officials locked themselves in their homes in an attempt to avoid getting the disease. With once powerful governments crumbling, foreign sovereigns came in and took over many parts of Europe. This changed the political climate in many areas.

With the world falling apart, people tried to place the blame of the epidemic on certain groups. Lepers and Jewish citizens were the most common targets of this blame. Because the church protected these groups of people, it was common for citizens to lash out at the members of the clergy. The state of religion was at an all-time low, and people no longer trusted leaders of the church.

These effects led to a change in society as a whole. Citizens were fearful of one another, and people locked themselves in their homes to avoid anyone who had this terrible disease. The social niceties went away, and it was every man for himself as people tried to survive.

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