What Was the Effect of Colonialism on Nigerian Politics?

The effect of British colonization on Nigerian politics was that additional divisions were created within the Nigerian country when the British created economic wealth in the south as well as Christian influences to further divide the two areas amongst one another. These divisions only multiplied until there were seven military coups as well as a war so that when a civil government was created, the people still felt divided and remembered the many divisions.

These divisions made it difficult for the people to start again. The other problem that has made Nigerian politics a problem is the amount of corruption that has occurred due to oil production. Nigeria is one of the foremost producers of petroleum throughout the world, however, the damage from oil spills has created environmental hazards for its people. The oil production has also led to "oil money," which has corrupted most of the Nigerian politicians.

Another problem that the Nigerian people and government has faced is the problem of HIV/AIDS. At first the Nigerian government was not willing to admit that AIDS even existed. It was not until 1986 that the Nigerian government admitted its existence and even then the government did not take adequate measures to stop the spread of the disease or treat those afflicted. The HIV/AIDS education, preventive measures and treatment were still not made into a top priority for the government.