What Are Some Facts About Early American History?


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Some facts about early American history are that the English colonies weren't the first in North America, the settlement of Roanoke disappeared and the early settlers had a bloody history with the Native Americans. The American colonies were first divided into tobacco colonies, which consisted of Virginia and Maryland; New England colonies, including Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and New Hampshire; the middle colonies of New York, Delaware and Pennsylvania; and the southern colonies, containing North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.

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The southern colony of Georgia was established in 1732 to protect the heavily producing Carolina colonies from the Spanish settlements of Florida. Although the first English colony was established in 1587, followed by Jamestown in 1607 and Plymouth in 1620, the first North American settlement was established in St. Augustine, Florida, by the Spanish in 1565. Florida remained under Spanish control until 1817 when the United States military invaded and took the territory. Florida then became an important outpost for the Union troops during the Civil War.

The 117 members of the first English colony, Roanoke, mysteriously vanished three years after the colony's establishment. Despite this strange disappearance, more settlers came to America 17 and then 30 years later to found the tobacco colony Jamestown, Virginia, and the Puritan colony Plymouth, Massachusetts. During these early years, the settlers slaughtered the Pequots, the Native Americans who inhabited the land before the settlers took it forcefully.

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