Who Discovered Chichen Itza?

A priest named Lakin Chan, or Itzamna, founded Chichen Itza in A.D. 514. The Mayans first settled in Chichen Itza with the earliest group, the Itza, between A.D. 600-900.

Despite a suspected abandonment in the 10th century, the second group of settlers, thought to be the Itzas, Toltecs or a mix of both groups, resettled at around A.D. 1000. Post classic Mayans constructed the expansive pre-Columbian city, which features Mayan and Toltec architectural influences. Today, Chichen Itza is in ruins and is considered to be federal property. These ruins are situated around 25 miles southeast of Merida and are considered the most famous Mayan archaeological sites in Yucatan.