What Are the Disadvantages of Computers in Our Lives?

Negative effects of computers in the lives of humans include increased cybercrimes and loss of jobs. In addition, people require training in order to use computers. At the same time, computers are costly, and also require additional infrastructure such as software.

Computers may create distractions at the workplace especially where employees have full Internet access, with enabled connection to any Website. Employees may spend most of their time on social media, playing games or chatting with friends instead of doing productive work. In fact, more distraction occurs when a humorous messages or video is forwarded by a staff to other employees. In organizations where most of the operations are computerized business automatically comes to a standstill in case of power outage or a malfunctioning machine. Similarly, this may require purchase of additional equipment such as generator for power backup.

Organizations use computers to store clients’ confidential information such as bank account information. With increasing cases of cybercrimes, hackers may gain access to the system and drain bank accounts. In other cases, competitors may hack into another business’s system to sabotage its operations. Computers have also compromised the privacy of individual information. This is particularly the case, where employee’s activities on the system are monitored by the company. Finally, addiction to computer and the Internet undermines the spirit of personal bond and socialization, since addicts largely prefer online chatting with others at the expense of spending quality time with family members.