What Is the Difference Between the First Typewriter and the Remington 2 Typewriter?


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The main difference between the first commercially sold typewriter (the Sholes & Glidden model) and the Remington 2 is that the Sholes & Glidden typed only in uppercase, while the Remington 2 typed in both lowercase and uppercase. There were also decorative panels enclosing the Sholes & Glidden machine that weren't featured on the Remington 2.

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The Sholes & Glidden model typewriter was manufactured by Remington and hit the market in 1874. It was manufactured in Remington's sewing machine department and had a sewing machine-like appearance. Flower-painted panels enclosed the machine and hid the inner mechanics. Some models had a foot-petal carriage return, but the most widely sold version featured a hand carriage return. When designing this model, Sholes came up with the Qwerty keyboard layout to prevent jamming by keeping frequently used keys spaced apart.

The Remington 2 was manufactured and sold from 1878 until well into the 1890s. Cosmetically, this model lost the decorative outer panels and showcased its inner mechanics. The main upgrade was the addition of a shift lever on the front of the carriage which moved the entire carriage back and forth to toggle between lowercase and uppercase letters. A shift key enabled temporary toggling to lowercase type if the lever was locked in the uppercase position, and vice versa.

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