How Did the Wampanoags Get Their Food?

The Wampanoags obtained their food by hunting, fishing, planting crops and gathering wild berries. The Wampanoags are sometimes referred to as the Massasoit or Wopanaak. These people had a well defined social structure with everyone having a role to play for the good of the family and community as a whole.

One of the ways in which the Wampanoag people obtained food was hunting. The men were mostly responsible for making weapons and going after wild animals such as deer and turkey. They mainly used heavy wooden clubs, bows and arrows for hunting. Men would also build canoes, in which they would go fishing. They used nets and hooks to catch fish.

The women of the tribe were responsible for growing crops that would then be used as food once they reached maturity. Some of the crops planted and harvested by these women were squash, beans and corn.

Children were taught at an early age to be responsible for gathering foods such as nuts, berries, herbs and fruits to supplement the diet. Women were also responsible for gathering these foods.

The Wampanoag people were also known to trade with other tribes in the region. Trade involved exchange of food stuff, art and craft items and tools.