What Did Thomas Paine Believe Was America's Destiny and Why?

Thomas Paine believed that the American army would become the strongest in the world, that America would achieve independence from Britain with a strong army and that the country would become an "asylum" for people seeking respite from oppressive rule. As a result of all of this, Thomas Paine believed that America would eventually be the most powerful nation in the world.

Thomas Paine's ideals were recorded in his series of pamphlets entitled "Common Sense," written in 1776, and the "The American Crisis," written between 1776 and 1777. His writings were well-received due to his ability to write in a manner that even commoners who were not as educated as many wealthier colonists were could understand. Paine is largely credited with persuading the colonists to form an army and engage in war for independence with Britain. He argued that as long as the colonies remained part of Britain, America could never reach its full potential. If the colonies united and rose up against Britain, however, he believed that America would become an unstoppable nation that would not only gain independence but rise to world dominance. Ironically, Paine left the colonies in 1787 and ventured to Europe, where he was imprisoned in France for not endorsing the execution of King Louis XVI.