Why Did Theodore Roosevelt Win the Nobel Peace Prize?

did-theodore-roosevelt-win-nobel-peace-prize Credit: Kurt Stricker/Moment/Getty Images

Theodore Roosevelt won the Nobel Peace Prize for his involvement in various peace treaties. Roosevelt was instrumental in peace negotiations during the Russo-Japanese War, namely in his work on the Treaty of Portsmouth. His actions also led to the peaceful resolution of a dispute between the United States of America and Mexico.

Theodore Roosevelt was the first American to win a Nobel Peace Prize. The award given to Roosevelt was controversial as he was the first politician to receive it. His public persona at the time was that of a hardcore military man with a thirst for conquest.

Roosevelt was President when he won the award in 1906. He was unable to collect the prize until 1910, after his presidency. During his speech he called for the formation of a league to police the international community. Roosevelt's plan ultimately led to the formation of the United Nations.