What Did Stone Age People Eat?

People who lived during the Stone Age ate meat, vegetation and grains. Their diets are likely similar to the diets of many farmers who live in Asia, especially in India and China.

Contrary to popular belief, people during the Stone Age did not just feast on a haunch of meat. The meat they did eat was probably lean, but the rest of their protein intake came from plant life and vegetation. According to sources, only 50 percent of the protein in their diet came from animals.

Stone Age men and women also ate grains, perhaps even bread. Scientists found grinding rocks in archaeological sites that were used to grind grain and roots. In fact, microscopes were used to find traces of these grains ground into the stones, according to MailOnline.com. The fact that Stone Age people were grinding grains suggests the production of flour from cattail and fern plants. This discovery can easily suggest the production of some sort of bread or pancake with the addition of water to the flour. Not only are grains rich in nutrients, but they also provide ready energy for the human body. Also, this sort of food is easy to transport and move over long distances, which was a critical advantage to the Stone Age man.