Why Did Steve Jobs Name His Company Apple?

did-steve-jobs-name-his-company-apple Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Steve Jobs named his company Apple because his biggest competitor at the time was Atari, and he wanted to be ahead of Atari alphabetically in the phone book. Ironically, neither Atari nor the phone book is used much these days.

Steve Jobs started Apple in his parents' garage with Steve Wozniak. They wanted to create a user-friendly home computer. Although Jobs left the company in 1985, he returned in 1997 to steer the company back to world dominance in the area of personal computers. Later, he took the world by storm with the advent of the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad.

Apple was not the only company that Jobs led to success. In 1986, he bought Pixar from George Lucas and turned it into the powerhouse of animation that it is today. Once at the helm, he applied the same drive and dedication to Pixar that he did to Apple, making it the most technologically advanced animation studios on the planet. In fact, Pixar's very first production with Steve Jobs at the helm, "Luxo Jr.", was the first computer animated film to be nominated for an Oscar. Two years later, Pixar's "Tin Toy" was the first computer animated film to win an Academy Award.

He sold the company to Disney for over $7 billion in 2006 after overseeing such animated greats as "Toy Story", "Up" and "Brave". At that time, Disney and Pixar had already been collaborating on animated films for 15 years, so it was a natural transition.