What Did Steve Jobs Invent?

Although Steve Jobs was listed as a co-inventor on numerous patents, he did not really invent anything in the traditional sense. Jobs was a business executive known for his leadership and vision.

Jobs is one of the founders of Apple Computers. Along with Steve Wozniak, he led the company as it brought many revolutionary technologies to the market. The Apple III computer, USB mouse, iMac, PowerMac, iPod and iPhone count among the biggest successes of the business, and the industry in general. Even the glass staircases at Apple retail stores have patented designs.

However, Jobs was not an engineer. His focus was product design and marketing. What he did well, according to many industry experts, was integrate features into products that were aesthetically pleasing and user friendly. For example while he didn't invent glass touchscreens, he saw the potential of making them a part of the Apple line of products. In the early days of Apple, he was the first one to notice the potential benefit of graphical user interfaces used by Xerox at the time. He saw how they could become a part of the personal computer, and his vision eventually led to development of the Apple Lisa, the first computer with a graphical interface.