Where Did the Shawnee Indians Live?

The Shawnee originally lived in the areas of Southern Ohio, West Virginia and Western Pennsylvania. In the mid-17th century, the Shawnee were driven off of their land by the Iroquois. They moved to Southern Illinois, Eastern Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and North and South Carolina.

The Shawnee returned to their original homeland in the mid-18th century but were again forced out by European settlers. In 1793, the Shawnee Tribe received a Spanish land grant in Cape Girardeau, Mo. Less than 40 years later, Shawnee ceded their land in Missouri for land in Kansas.

Remaining Shawnee in Ohio were also moved to the reservation in Kansas. In 1854, the Shawnee were forced out of Kansas and relocated to the area of the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma. In 2000, the Shawnee Tribe was granted the status of a sovereign Indian nation, separating them from the Cherokee Nation they were forced into nearly 150 years earlier.