What Did Scientist John Dalton Discover?


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Scientist John Dalton is accredited for postulating the atomic theory that states that atoms can neither be created nor destroyed. He proved that atoms exist and are invisible. The atomic theory also states that atoms combine together in whole ratios to form compounds.

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John Dalton is also known to be the first scientist to research colorblindness, a condition that ran in his family. He is also coined the law of partial pressures and studying the pressure of gases. However, his theory on atoms is his most popular work, as it proved that atoms exist. Dalton's atomic theory also states that all atoms of a particular element are identical. In any chemical reaction, atoms either link or separate from one another. Additionally, atoms of different elements have different intrinsic properties.

However, some points of Dalton's theory have been proven wrong. Scientists now know that elements can have different masses in the form of isotopes and can be split in nuclear reactions, but his viewing atoms in terms of weights was a ground-breaking discovery.

Dalton lived comfortably rather than lavishly, and did not marry or have children. John Dalton died in 1844 at the age of 77 after suffering from a series of strokes.

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