When Did Samuel De Champlain Live?


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Samuel de Champlain was born on or before Aug. 13, 1574 in Brouage, France, and he died on Dec. 25, 1635 in Quebec, Canada. One of the most important early pioneers in the New World, he explored France's North American possessions, establishing colonies and developing the fur trade there.

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When Did Samuel De Champlain Live?
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The exact date of Samuel de Champlain's birth is unclear, though records indicate that he was baptised on Aug. 13, 1574. In 1603, he made his first voyage to North America. On subsequent trips, he established himself as a talented geographer, explorer and leader. He founded Quebec City, which became a major hub of France's Canadian fur trade, and engaged in warfare with the Iroquois tribe, who were threatening French interests. In his later life, he was the head administrator of New France until his death in 1635.

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