Where Did Saber-Toothed Tigers Live?

According to the University of Berkeley, there are multiple types of "saber-toothed cats" and many areas where a diversity of fossils have been discovered. Such areas are all over North and South America, but the term saber-toothed tiger popularly refers to the ancient North American cats found predominantly in the mid-western and western North American states.

Saber-toothed tiger is only a colloquial term. There is no such thing as a true saber-toothed tiger, because none of these cats have any relation to modern-day tigers. The saber-tooth "tiger" is a state symbol of California, where over 2000 skeletons have been recovered. The specific type of cat in California is known as the Smilodon. The Smilodon is perhaps the most well-known of all saber-toothed cat varieties. The Smilodon lived in closed habitats, such as a forest or in bushes, which was ideal for ambushing prey. Another saber-toothed cat found in North America is the Hoplophoneus. The Hoplophoneus is not a true tiger and is much smaller, but has a similar appearance to the Smilodon. In South America, there is another type of saber-toothed cat, the thylacosmilids. The thylacosmilids are marsupial cats with similar saber-tooth morphology. This type's fossils have been found in Colombia, Uruguay and the Argentinian Patagonia.