How Did Rome Treat the Different Sections of Its Conquered Territory?

When the Romans conquered territory they treated the citizens quite well and encouraged them to undergo a period of Romanization. While territories were allowed to remain some autonomy, they generally benefited from enhanced living standards and greater peace.

When Romans conquered territory they usually strived to bring peace to the area while introducing roman influences. The idea of "pax Romana" was introduced, which meant establishing peace and order. Rather than encouraging dissent on the inside by quashing people, the Romans placed their legions outside of conquered city walls to protect them. Attempts were made to enhance living conditions through sewers, aqueducts, theaters and mills. They also tried to prevent a sense of "them and us" by stating that all who lived in their conquered territories were accepted as Roman.

In many cases, Romanization led to most countries becoming more civilized and organized. For example, when Rome invaded Britain there was little sense of national unity and a poor infrastructure. With the introduction of roads, an awareness of mythology and the development of national pride, the Romans encouraged the constituent countries of the United Kingdom to feel a sense of Britishness. Like many of the areas Rome invaded, Britain benefited from organized trade and the introduction of roads.