How Did President Coolidge Restore Public Confidence?

did-president-coolidge-restore-public-confidence Credit: Getty Images/Archive Photos/Getty Images

President Calvin Coolidge restored public confidence in the presidency and the government as a whole by acting quickly to rid the administration of the scandalous behavior and players of President Harding's administration. His honest and straightforward manner of speaking and interacting with the public and Congress seemed to resonate with the American people who had listened to a great deal of public rhetoric in the previous two administrations.

President Harding's tenure in the White House had been rocked with all kinds of scandal, such as the Teapot Dome oil lease scandal and questionable practices in both the Veterans Administration and the Department of Justice. Once he took office, President Coolidge appointed a special counsel for investigation of the Teapot Dome scandal and he fired U.S. Attorney General Harry Daugherty.

As Vice President, Coolidge had little say or power in government policy, although he was the first of his office to insist he routinely sit in on Cabinet meetings. He was not a Washington insider and did not try to become one. His popularity was bolstered, as his acceptance by the American people once he became president. They trusted him and did not associate him with the Harding administration scandals. He was not known to be a fancy speaker but instead advocated for thrift and honesty in government and did not believe in a great deal of government interference.