What Did the Pioneers Hunt For?

The pioneers hunted many of the indigenous wildlife in the American Frontier, such as deer, quail, doves and buffalo. They also caught fish in rivers and lakes, all of which they used for food. Since there were few shops at that time, hunting was one of the primary sources of food for pioneers.

Since the land on which pioneers settled was underdeveloped, they resorted mostly to hunting wild animals for their food as it took an extended amount of time to prepare wild land for planting crops. Preparing their kill for consumption was both an art and a chore for them and took skill to do properly.

The American pioneers were people who migrated west to join in settling and developing wild areas of the American Frontier. It is said the pioneers date back to the time of Christopher Columbus’s landing in 1492, up until the 20th century.

The term was used especially for people who settled on territories that had not been previously settled or developed by any European or American society, although most of these territories were owned by the early Native Americans, who did not like people claiming their lands but rarely attacked unless the settlers provoked them.