How Did a Pharaoh Live?

A pharaoh’s life was both one of luxury and immense responsibility. After all, they were not only the political leaders of their country, they were also the religious leaders.

Pharaohs lived in large luxurious palaces. They were waited on by their servants from the moment they woke up till when they went to sleep. These servants bathed the Pharaoh, dressed him, fed him, and even carried him to where he needed to go.

A normal day for a pharaoh could consist of meetings with diplomats and merchants, or the Pharaoh might have to lead religious rites. He made the big decisions on trade agreements and public works projects. He would refer to his advisers which could consist of priests and royal officials.

Pharaohs were responsible for military matters as well. They listened to their military advisers and made decisions on military campaigns and fortresses that would need to be created to protect their kingdom. In times of war, he would lead his people against their enemies who were made slaves when defeated.

In his free time, a pharaoh would spend time with his many wives and children. A pharaoh would typically have several wives in his royal harem, one of which served as his main wife and oversaw the running of his household affairs. Pharaoh’s had children which could number in the dozens. Common leisure activities pharaohs enjoyed were board games, hunting, and sport.