What Did Paul Revere Do for a Living?


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Paul Revere was a goldsmith, engraver, dentist and industrialist. His hardware factory produced bells for churches and cannons for the military, and he opened the first rolled-copper mill in North America.

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When he was 19, Paul Revere took over his father's goldsmith shop, and he began to expand into engraving jobs and dentistry to support his family. After the American Revolution, in which he fought and made cannons and gunpowder for the Continental Army, he began to expand his business. Adopting new industrial techniques, he began to cast iron bells for churches and to make more artillery for the army.

Soon, he began contracting with shipbuilders in Boston for copper implements, which led him to open the first rolled-copper mill in North America. The products he made there allowed the U.S. Navy to copper-bottom its ships, making them more durable in the corrosive water of the ocean.

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