How Did the Olmec Prepare Their Food?

The Olmec prepared their food by hunting, gathering and cooking the food as a community effort. The majority of Olmec were farmers and many were able to participate in hunting practices.

The Olmec were a pre-classical society that were part of Mesoamerica. They were prominent in the La Venta area and they were a society that was completely self sufficient. They were able to create everything they needed from the land and supplies that they already had. They were able to support themselves through agriculture and had a very sophisticated governmental system that allowed them to continue functioning as a society. The Olmec culture was long believed to have been after the Mayans, but it was discovered in the 1930s that the Olmec were actually part of Mesoamerica before the Mayans.

In the early 1940s, large sculptures were dug up in the areas around where the Olmec had lived. These sculptures depicted large heads and bodies that were possible bodies of gods. This solidified the fact that the Olmec were the motherhead of the Mesoamerican culture. Most other cultures that were in the area after the Olmec society derived their practices and daily living based on what the Olmec had done.