What Did Native Americans Live In?


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Different Native American tribes lived in different types of homes, such as wigwams, longhouses and chickees. The homes were designed to fit the lifestyle and climate of a specific tribe, which varied depending on the region where they lived. For example, chickees were designed to be suitable for a hot, swampy climate.

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Wigwams were used by woodland tribes, such as the Algonquians. They were small homes made of wooden frames and woven mats. The wigwams were small and easy to build, which allowed the Algonquins to build new ones when they set up winter camps. During the rest of the year, they lived together in villages of wigwams.

Longhouses were longer versions of wigwams used by the Iroquois tribes. They typically were 25 feet wide and up to 200 feet long. Families who descended from the same woman would live together in one longhouse. These homes were suited by tribes that remained permanently in one village, which would contain 30 to 150 of these homes.

Chickees were homes primarily used by tribes in Florida, such as the Seminole. These homes were suited for hot, humid climates. The Chickees had no walls, instead, they consisted of posts that supported a raised platform and thatched roof. The raised floor kept animals out of the house and the posts kept the house from sinking.

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