How Did Napoleon Become Famous?

Napoleon Bonaparte became famous due to his military tactics and for the Napoleonic Wars, which was a series of conflicts in which France engaged several other European nations. Napoleon's military tactics have been studied in military academies all over the world, including West Point in the United States.

Napoleon was born in 1769, but it was not until the French Revolution in 1789 that he started to rise up the ranks of the military. By the end of the French Revolution in 1799, Napoleon seized political power in France, and by 1804, he crowned himself emperor.

To help fund his Napoleonic Wars, Napoleon sold France's Louisiana Territory to the United States for

$15 million. This transaction was later called the Louisiana Purchase. With this money, Napoleon continued his war campaign. In 1805, Britain nearly wiped out Napoleon's entire fleet of ships at the Battle of Trafalgar. Despite this, Napoleon was able to defeat the Russians and Austrians during the same year. The results of this victory saw the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire.

In 1812, Napoleon renounced his throne after a failed French invasion of Russia and was exiled to the island of Elba. Napoleon later returned to power in 1815 and started the Hundred Days campaign. This campaign ended with a horrific defeat at the Battle of Waterloo. Napoleon renounced his throne once again and was exiled to the island of Saint Helena. He lived there the rest of his life until he died at the age of 51.