Where Did the Mohawk Indians Get Their Name?


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The name "Mohawk," which means “eater of living things” or “man eater,” was given to the tribe by English and Dutch settlers, who used the term to describe many of the tribes in New England and New York. The Mohawk referred to themselves as “Kahniakehake.”

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The Mohawk Indians lived in New York, Vermont and Canada, along the Saint Lawrence River. The tribe preyed on rabbit, deer and bear. There is no evidence that the Mohawk were cannibals. The Mohawk were members of the League of Six Nations, also known as the Iroquois Confederacy, a group of six tribes that cooperated and traded with each other. The Mohawk, along with the other tribes of the league, allied with the British during the Revolutionary War, which led to many of the Mohawk moving to and settling in Canada in the 18th century.

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