What Did the Miami Indians' Houses Look Like?

Traditional Miami Indian homes were made from woven reeds in the shape of a small oval with a rounded roof. To keep the home water-tight, the outside was covered with mats made of cattails. Unlike many other American Indian tribes, the Miami Indians did not live in tepees.

In addition to their oval houses made from reeds, the Miami tribe also had a larger council house made of wood. This building was in a central location, large enough to house tribe members for ceremonies and council meetings.

The Miami Indians were native to Florida. They originally hailed from Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Ohio. During the Indian removals, the Miami tribe was forced west into what is now Oklahoma.

Today, the Miami Indians have two main parts; one part is the Oklahoma tribe, and the other part is the Illinois tribe. The Miami tribe in Oklahoma is federally recognized and has its own services, laws, police and government. The Illinois tribe, however, is not federally recognized. Both the Oklahoma and Illinois tribes have a chief who is elected by the members of the tribe, similar to other government officials. In the past, only men were allowed to be chief. Today, however, the position is open to women as well.